Our History

In 1945 Mr. Antonio Gazel Jaikel purchased land and began construction of the wonderful architectural work, admired by all, as it was one of the biggest and most beautiful homes in Paseo Colon, San Jose.

The house was in front of a famous obelisk. Costa Rica was the exception to have a small obelisk in the current Paseo Colón in the early twentieth century.

This obelisk contained four bronze plaques honoring Cristobal Colon. Unfortunately as was known, the destruction of the architectural heritage of the city of San Jose began walking from the 1950s to date.

This is how the order of the municipality, the obelisk was demolished to make way for the "modernity" and the increasing vehicular traffic took the Paseo Colón as one of the main arteries of road traffic of vehicles leaving bound for Heredia, Alajuela, towards the center of the capital city.

In 1978 Mr. Gazel Jaikel dies, however his wife continued to live for much longer with their children and grandchildren


In 1990 The family moved to another house and rent it for a long. In the course of the years there were furniture stores, offices, etc.

In 2011 One of his grandsons Mr. Rodrigo Jaikel decides to buy it and with his brothers keep this beautiful family legacy. Remodel the house and become one of the most luxurious hostels in San Jose.

In 2014  her grandchildren and great-grandchildren still gather at the home of his grandparents, to discuss the infinite family stories and unforgettable experience lived in this place. This year have built private luxury rooms, always protecting the colonial architecture that characterizes the home, to provide a better service to all our customers. 

So we hope to visit us!!!!