Yoga and Meditation for the Soul

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on 08 February, 2014

CAMPO VERDE represents a space of calm and balance in life, a place where they germinate something new, an environment that invites the development and growth of the potential we all have within us.

We offer the following services: 

  • Analytical Psychology, Behavioral, Humanistic and Transpersonal. 
  • Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. 
  • Biological Disease-Decoding 
  • Homeopathy and floral Therapies 
  • Astrology 
  • Reiki 
  • Primordial Sound Meditation 
  • Transgenerational-Therapies 
  • Thai-massage, holistic, relaxing and reflexology 
  • Holistic Nutrition ayurveda-
  • Permanently offer workshops and courses


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